Suicide Scene

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We are mindful that the calamity of a homicide or suicide can be a deeply traumatic experience. It can be difficult and challenging to deal with a home filled with blood, body fluids, or any other property damage during such a time. That’s why Comer Biohazard Suicide Scene Cleanup service is dedicated to providing safe and timely cleaning and disinfecting services in Michigan, Ohio, Chicago, and the surrounding areas to help you move past the awful tragedy.

Suicide Scene Cleanup– erasing all reminders of tragedy

Losing your loved ones to suicide or homicide is indeed painful. It is crucial to deal with the aftermath as soon as possible to avoid endangering your health and traumatizing yourself any further. Our professional and experienced cleaners can help return your property to its pre-incident state by eradicating hazardous biological materials or pathogens. We strive to protect your property safely and discreetly by keeping in mind your emotional distress.

We use scientifically approved protocols to ensure cleaning the affected areas. Our staff can help you prevent cross-contamination, remove traces of blood or biological materials, fumigate and deodorize, and conduct several tests to ensure that the affected areas are free of harmful bacteria. At Comer Biohazard Cleaning, we are attentive and thorough because we understand that your health and safety are on the line. We provide post-death cleaning services in homes, apartments, vehicles, public spaces, hotels, etc.

Due to the high exposure risk of blood-borne pathogens and infections, biohazard remediation is a specialty service that requires suitable training, tools, certification, and licensing – our team suicide scene cleaners have it all! We stand by our work and services and provide 100% customer satisfaction.